Senin, 25 Februari 2019


I met him at the end of 2014
On the day when Olivia told me
His college friend join our office
She look disbelieve yet laughing at the same time
She said, He is a person who played basketball while clog his nose on a tissue due to nosebleed
He is..unbelievably silly

I just laugh

On the afternoon
Someone sat in my chair when I came back from meeting
Talking to Olivia
Hugging my dog pillow

He woke up and said sorry
My first impression was
'What a kid'

Days gone by accepting him very easily on our hang out packs
In between
Comical Jokes
High laugh
And freaky hang outs
I started to get curious

A bit anxious
To somewhat unplanned plan

One day
Friday night with the packs
He got vulnerable and too innocently open up
I thought, that something I never can do
To be honest to other people, what I really am
Vulnerable is opulence for me

I thought it might be just another shallow adoration
Never I thought, that
I fell
On that night at Sabang 16

Minggu, 27 Januari 2019

Favorite places in Manchester

Tonight I just brew a cup of Whittard
I choose Piccadilly blend randomly that fine afternoon in Whittard house, City Center
And I never regret that

The taste was just always remind me of that gloomy-windy city.
So I go to google earth, and traces back memories
Traces back my favorite places

1. With worth and Platt FIelds Park

With worth and Plattfield are my favorite running spot. My class also ever held a picnic at platt Field. We brought food, and playing foot balls there.

The best memories at With worth was when heavy snow falls on that February, late winter. I was at the James Chadwick Building, finishing my first morning class and waiting for the next class when snows keep on falling, it was too beautiful. I walk to the closest park in reach. Withworth. Taking many pictures. Making my own snow man alone. Mix feeling of gloomy winter, missing home, missing him. And when I reminisce it today, I always smiling and miss withworth park so much.

2. Alan Gilbert Learning Common

This student hub is the best study space ever. Its seat design was just perfect and comfortable. Some seat are dedicated for self studying, whether it faces the windows or quiet corner to intensifies focus. Theres a lot of studying room to held group study, working on assignment together, or just watching football together!

And what I love the most is...1 pound coffe mocha machine!
Its cheap, its delicious, its warm in a cold night, it sells many hot drink choices, cappucino, coffe latte, chocolate, and our most favorite! coffe mocha!

3. Starbuck (Sackville Street)

Indi in Sackville St. Starbucks
I am not a big fan of coffee actually, moreover this expensive coffee brand. If its in Indonesia, seldom I'm gonna visit them. But I think I drank coffee a lot in the UK. Nero, Costa, 1 pound coffee machine, and my most favorite morning coffee call before earliest class: Starbuck in front of Sackville street.

First, morning class, is 3 hours class, full of struggle for me. Because I am the sleepiest person in a cold huge class, hence I need shot of it. Its located near Sackville building, Raymond building, and The Mills, where it is the main class, and head of ChemEng offices located.

Juan, my classmate from Columbia, told me that he ever worked in Starbuck as a bartender. He recommend 'White mocca coffee' to us, so since that, my 90% order there was almost white mocca, thanks to Juan.

4. Sainsburry (Piccadilly Station)

During thesis preparation, we work a lot in 'The Mills' building. One day, we walk to Piccadilly station that located nearby  to find food. At first we want to visit Chopstick, a Chinese junk food restaurant that we visit in the earliest day we arrived in Manchester. But when we cross Sainsburry, we saw packed of Thai food, in the "Hot Food To Go". So we were tempted to try. Since then, Me, Indi, Faba, Bang Hendrik, and Kang Agung oftentimes took a lunch break from doing our dissertation there,  we walked to Piccadilly, we choose hot rice box there, and went back to campus, ate it in the common room on the circle table while gossiping or talking about how shitty our dissertation are.
Dissertation Lunch Break after Piccadillywalk

6. Wasabi Sushi
This is obviously best and cheap Sushi that I know in town.
They have cheap hours on Sunday during certain hours, so Me and Rissa always visit them in those hours. Their conveyor walking Sushi is best, but sometimes we prefer their chicken Ramen. The Ramen is really really good as well.

7. Sanctuary student

My flat for almost 10 months of studying in the UK. Me and Rissa lucky to have the unit in the hook, I guess it is bigger than common unit. The view from our living room and kitchen is Grafton St, and the grass field on the crossroad.
I remember during snow in December, those grass field is covered in white and its breath taking to see that from our living room accompanied by hot chocolate.

Rissa is a good chief, so kitchen never slack. She cook anything we missed from Hometown, such as Mie ayam, Telur Balado, Capcay, anything but mpek mpek. I remember we pulled our luck so hard for making pempek but it taste like weird Roti instead.
My room is a small, single bed room, that has one cupboard, and one study table.
Vinca, our friend who also a well known fiction writer once visited Manchester and sleepover in our apartement. Sanctuary is  much to her delight. Me and Rissa always cook hometown meal for our guest and they love it. Even Vinca want to sleep in the living room instead bedroom, because our living room is that cozy.