Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

Tchaikovsky's Concerto in D major

It was this and this that caught me up fallin in love

I was watching Nodame Cantabile
All pieces shown up were great, but when I heard Tchaikovsky's I was like...Oh
Sculpting and smiling wide from ear to ear

It touch my heart deep and rooted

I hope someday I can see it live, in Vienna Concert Hall, or other shimmering place in the world

Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

Daily Activity

What're you doing when you dead bored now?
And what're you doing when you so bored in high school, or maybe elementary school?

Today, I just realize, that we were more creative in the past than now.
So, i remember, in the high school, when there was free hours, I colored my nails with stabilos, lol
And i did it today
It was so fun

Today Tuesday, everyone seems so busy, so Its just me and Miss Q who attended the Yoga class. 
It was the Body Balance session, and I'm sure, everyone gonna get jelous when they know this, they've been waiting for this for so long, but yesterday the sound system was having a little problem.

After the class, we were having Sauna and singing together in the hot shower, LOL

Its raining hard now, so I have a seat in the nearest cafe while having its Red Velvet that I'm so curious about.

So, have I told that my mother said, instead of shooting stars, our pray will be answered well when raining hard comes. faith state that. I'm praying now

Let it be come true God, even in another form, Let it be come true soon. I can't wait it come true *)