Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Happy New Year

Its not going to Warsaw matter the most, nor Prague

I want to make more people laugh because of me
More people smile because of me
I want to be a more meaningful person
And bring happiness to people around


Jumat, 07 November 2014


Like a warrior in raven black armor
Amidst the wood under the faint moonlight
Refuse to stay away from darkness blanket
Refuse to stay away from her

Like a bet made in a black jack play
So mysterious it draw attention from all part
Refuse to distracted
Refuse to forgotten

Like midnight tonight
Cloudy misty dimly lit
Refuse to not fog the red moon
Refuse to not resemble the edginess in her mind

Selasa, 23 September 2014

Karimun Jawa Trip- August 2014

I left my heart in Karimun
I left my heart for the wide shallow turquoise natural swimming pool
I left my heart for nemo
I left my heart for broken corals too

Let me tell about my trip, as per usual i will provide my itinerary for days, and recommend what good and not

Day1 :

3.30 am
Arrived in Jepara at 3.30 am with dead eyes and broken bones (because of 24 hr road trip, we just arrived at home from Wonogiri at 8 pm and start to drive again at 12 am). We went to the mosque at central town, waiting for pray time, and rest a bit. At 5 am we went directly to the Kartini harbor, the guide said our ferry will arrived at 6 am and sailed at 7 pm.
So we took our breakfast at the local canteen in hurry, and prepare for the boat. The queue is already off when we ready to enter the ferry, its a peak season so we prepare for the crowded people scattering at the every corner of the ship.
Because its too crowded we got no space at main deck, so we held a mat at the bottom deck and just sat there. For 6 hour duration, i quite enjoyed it. Slept with sunglasses on, rambling on the stairs to see the scenery, ate cakes, and doing all holiday things to do. Laziness

12.00 pm
Our ferry, Siginjay, harbored in Karimun Jawa exactly at 12 pm, the beach was so clear even though its a busy harbour.

My expectation rose up, where else I could find a harbour without shiny oily water. We picked up by our guide and he drove us to a nice homestay named Arafah. We rest and had lunch upon the dining room. Our local treat was a bowl of delicious fish soup with coconut milk or we call it "Gulai Ikan". Its spicy hot and its heaven. Oh, wait, a lot more heaven will be told after this.

15.00 pm
Dad went somewhere related to fishing things with brothers while me and sister have so many list to do in Karimun beside the main sea tour. Based on the instagram screening, we show the picture that we desire to visit to our local guide. He said the pictures was a mangrove forest and Joko tuwo hill. Because mangrove forest located a bit far from our home stay and we need to rent a motorbike cost 40.000/hr, that afternoon we visited Joko tuwo hill first.
It takes not more than 15 minutes hikes up the green hill. The sunset is nice from above the hill. I have a good time there and took many amazing pictures.

I bet it nicer when its not too crowded.

19.00 pm
Dinner and rest.


8.00 am
Sailed by wooden ship to the beautiful targets.

First stop was Cemara besar. Snorkeling time~ finally
Its not my first time snorkeling, but its my first time taking an underwater photography (Dive). Its wonderful. Its not that I can diving, I had helped by the guide , they push me far under the sea surface and took nice underwater photos. It such an amazing experience.

Next stop was Menjangan kecil island. The island is nice, but the snorkling spot was almost the same with Cemara Besar.

After that we went to Cemara Kecil island. While the first two destination is snorkling spot, this time its beachy beach. The tide was high enough, even its summer, cant always predict Poseidon mood.
Our ship mored in Cemara Kecil island, the beach was white, beautiful, and clear. The guide grilled fishes by firewood while we playing on the beach.

Tanjung Gelam Beach




First stop snorkling spot. I dont know what the spot name is, its beautiful, its really near Karimun Jawa island. The coral were more colorful than the snorkling spot on the first day.

Geleang Island

is heaven. Truely amazing shallow beach ever. I dont even care for my skin burned so bad because of hours of playing and swimming in this natural swimming pool. Taking photo in this beach is an addiction, never enough. You gonna want to take more and more photo because of its too perfect. This is the only beach i met foreigners, and they even camp in there.

Same snorkling spot with the first one which i forgot the name, where i could meet Nemo.

Shark captivity (Penangkaran Hiu). Its not worth to visit, i can't stand seeing shark captivated in the small  pool. And even worst ; Balloon fish, starfish, and stingray become a mere properties for visitor photo shoot. They seems in anguish when the visitors take turn to held them in their hand. I can't even stand to look at two small turtles placed in a bowl of sea water , toyed by a kid, i plan to throw them secretly to the sea, but then a visitor caught us and said we can't.

Arrived at homestay

Day 4

Took the express ship to Jepara.

Finish :)

*i'll complete this with pictures when i have time, Gosh. Sowryy :)

Selasa, 15 Juli 2014


To be happy unconditionally is such a hard thing
Isn't it?

I can be happy if I graduate at top rank
I can be happy if I enter that prestigious college
I can be happy if I can get married with mutual feeling
I can be happy if I born a child,
I can be happy if I have a house,
then, I can be happy if I have larger house,

There will always be one condition in order to be happy, or happier

I’d say
A person who can be happy unconditionally is the luckiest

But unfortunately,
I'm not that lad

I do think...Condition is needed, but not exaggeratedly
Condition is slightly different than dream

It would be better if i can have a new job that suit my passion
It would be so fun if I can explore the hidden gems in the world with the people I love
well, those things those...

In the end, exaggeration can be suppressed by grateful, and acceptance.
With that, we can extract dream from 'condition' to be happy

“Acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free”-Katy Pery

Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

Indonesia Choice

I’m neither the most right political person nor just someone understand about track record –politic history
I barely read any politic magazine my father gave me, and you can count how many news I watch on TV.

Even though I have my preference on national election, I always like to hear my boarding house friend telling me about my candidate's rival plus ,my office mate telling me my preference lack, my father telling me  the one he desire to win, because they all the symbol of independence opinion in Indonesia, and we need to respect.

In the after years of elected president lead, even he who give command in my country is not my preference, I wish I am not within that group who says “I TOLD YOU, see what He done” to the other supporter.

The first fact is, president is a mere human, how would you expect 100% perfect work?

The second fact is, when the official result come out, its not his, or her choice.

Its Indonesia Choice
Its our choice

People who will say "I told you So!” when the president and his alliance party doing mistakes, well, they are commoners

But people who will say ‘Its okay, we will support our president together, everything gonna be alright if we become one, strong and intact” is trend setter.

Kamis, 24 April 2014


Kadang, hubungan manusia itu bisa sedemikian rumitnya
Sedemikian melelahkannya

Pernah terpikir untuk berhenti peduli?
Menutup telinga, dan mata
Karena saking jenuhnya, saking lelahnya, dan kita sampai di suatu titik dimana kita memutuskan untuk berhenti peduli

Well, saya pernah melakukannya
Satu tahun yang terasa seperti seabad
Awalnya hanya menutup telinga dan mata,
Namun perlahan tanpa disadari, kamu juga akan menutup hati
Hatimu membatu,
Kebahagiaan dari sekitar terasa hambar,
Rasa sakit pun gak cukup lagi untuk membuat mu menangis,
Gak bisa merasakan apapun,
Lalu saat itu terjadi, kamu selalu ingin sendiri
Berbicara dan tertawa menjadi hal yang melelahkan,
Tanpa disadari kamu mendorong mereka satu persatu keluar lingkaran,

Hubungan antar manusia memang melelahkan,
Namun kita adalah mahluk sosial yang lemah,
Yang mebutuhkan orang lain
Kita gak bisa hidup sendiri

Saat kamu memutuskan untuk berhenti peduli,
Dan bebas sendiri
Sebenernya kamu ga bebas
Kamu terjerat di zona nyaman mu
Dimana kamu terlalu takut untuk tersakiti lagi, terlalu gengsi untuk dijatuhkan lagi, terlalu tinggi untuk diejek dihina
Kamu terlalu takut untuk berhubungan dengan mereka
Zona nyaman,

Karena saat kamu keluar dari zona nyaman itu,
Dan kamu berbicara, kamu berpendapat, kamu mengatakan isi hati yang sebenarnya,
Maka hanya akan ada dua hasil;

1. Kamu salah dihina diejek, which is sesuai prediksi , namun hatimu lega karena kamu sudah mencoba
2. Kamu akan terkejut dengan hal yang gak kamu duga.

"And since your history of silence won't do you any good
Did you think it would? Let your words be anything but empty
Why don’t you tell them the truth?

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you BE BRAVE"

Sara Bareilles-BRAVE

Jumat, 11 April 2014

Pink Cheeks

People called me pale face nowadays
Its not surprising anyway
I said to them that it’s because of insomnia,
But the truth is…
I am joining Cullen clan recently
Bitten Jasper Hale
Sst...its secret

Anyway, it made me searched about how to make your cheeks pink naturally

And here are the tips:

1.      Make a healthy face pack at home by mixing one tablespoon of gram flour, one tablespoon of curd, and three tablespoon of bird’s eye chili (cabe rawit) pasta. Now apply this pack on your face

2.      My friend said that how to get a white skin is by drinking much milk, so drink much strawberry juice, don’t stop until your cheeks turn pink

3.      Slap your face twice, full power

4.      Do shameful things like slip and fall in front of your crush

5.      Still doesn’t work? Then…I am sorry there is no other option except to be in love

Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

Anti mainstream

Life taught me one lesson,

Jangan pernah ngerendahin orang jelek,
Jelek posisinya, jelek prestasinya, jelek pergaulannya, jelek fisiknya
Yang jelek bisa jadi lebih baik pada waktu yang tepat,
Yang jelek di awal bisa jadi jauh lebih baik dari yang ngerendahin mereka

Yang diatas angin bisa jatoh kalo dia ga tau caranya menghormati orang
Yang diatas angin bisa jatoh kalo dia ga mau bagi ilmunya dengan ikhlas
Yang diatas angin dan orang baik baik pun tetep bakalan jatoh kalo Allah lagi rindu buat nguji dia

Hidup itu adalah hal ter-anti mainstream menurut saya.
You can never guess what the end of today

Contohnya, Kalo sekarang kita punya beban berat
Dan logikanya beban ini ga mungkin terpecahkan dalam waktu singkat
Stop thinking.
Kebanyakan mikir gabakal nyelesein masalah, yang ada bikin cepet tua.

Jangan bilang hidup gapernah ngasih kamu kejutan sebelumnya.
Dan hidup bakal ngasih kamu kejutan lagi, dan lagi.

So stop thinking too heavy, too much
Semuanya ada waktunya

Be happy

Want to know secret how to be happy?
1. Rajin rajin memberi. Memberi bakal ngebuat kita ngerasa kaya, dan bahagia.
2. Be anti mainstream. 

Senin, 10 Maret 2014


Niatnya nyari streaming berita MA yang masi belom jelas diving ke laut ato dibajak, tapi semua stasiun TV berita lagi heboh hebohnya nampilin debat caleg,

Beberapa pendapatnya bingungin, beberapa so so, beberapa sok bikin kata kata diplomatis padahal kalo dipikir pikir lagi ga ada intinya. Kaya lagunya Lorde tuh..

"Making smart with their words again, well I'm bored.."

Ada juga yang narrow minded

"Saya ga setuju sistem pendaftaran kuliah pake serba online. Di kampung saya di Suaui (sensor) bahkan belum ada akses internet, gimana mereka mau bersaing sama anak kota"

Justru karena ada sistem online lah itu jadi tugas kalian nyediain teknologi ke pelosok desa, kalo mau dibuat jadul terus kapan pinternya, kapan melek teknologinya, kapan Indonesia go green  *mulai melenceng. Selain itu penerapan IT di sistem pemerintah bakal mengurangi banyak ketidak efisienan seperti transportasi untuk mengantar formulir pendaftaran, kecurangan dokumen, de el el. 

Cuma sedikit yang cerdas malem ini.

"Kenapa bisa sampe ada geng motor/ geng geng lainnya, pemuda kekurangan sarana dan prasarana untuk ngelampiasin ke arah yang lebih positif"

Simpel tapi bener, coba deh...ada ga si taman kota yang banyak mainannya (selain di surabaya), komposisi lapangan bola gratis udah cukup belom di kota kota besar yang sumpek ama toko usaha, gedung dan rumah rumah, cukup ga si jumlah akses olahraga gratis (di taman kota, dll). Intinya, fasilitas olahraga harus dibanyakin. Orang frustasi itu pelariannya salah satunya ke olahraga, kalo anak anak muda yang gabisa diem itu ga difasilitasin, ya larinya ke...yang negatif .

"Pemuda itu butuh di mentor, mentornya butuh ngereview per waktu yang ditentukan. Misalnya belajar dari perusahaan swasta, parameter mentor nya jelas, misal per tiga bulan, nanti kalo tantangan A sudah terjawab, diberi tantangan yang lebih tinggi tingkatnya"

Bener banget. Cerdas. Oke banget ini. Di perusahaan saya sekarang, presiden organisasi pemudanya kece badai, walaupun mukanya boros tapi borosnya itu ternyata larinya ke otak. Briliant. Dia buat mentoring punya sistem, arah dan output yang equal. Semua mentee harus punya sesi presentasi didepan para mentor, dan parameter penilaiannya akan jelas. Dengan cara ini effort akan terpantik dari kedua belah pihak. Yang dulu mentee nya cuma dengerin masuk kuping kanan-->nyantol dikit-->kebilas sinetron -->ilang gara gara dengerinnya juga sambil mikirin kegalauan hati #tsah , bakalan praktekin apa yang dia dapet. Kemampuan mereka bakal bertambah karena pengalaman (mempraktekan). Buat mentor yang nganggep mentoring cuma sesuatu yang harus diselesaikan bukan di maksimalkan manfaatnya, bakal lebih prepare dan punya arah yang jelas.

Intinya sistem itu batang pohon, ide itu air hujan, dan etos kerja itu pupuk nya.

Kalo daunnya mau banyak, ya buat masing masing 33.3333%
Kalo buahnya mau banyak, ya buat masing masing 100%

Makanya saya bilang caleg butuh mentoring juga. Misalnya distance 'mentoring' learning dari program para gubernur/ walikota yang kreatif itu; Pak Jokowi, Bu Risma, Pak Ganjar, Pak Ridwan Kamil, de el el.

 Biar kebuka horizonnya, ga sempit kaya kamar kos #curhat.

Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014


The British Council conducted a survey of 102 non-english speaking country
About what was the most beautiful english word in the world
What do you think took first place?

Its Mother,

Followed by Passion, Smile, Love and Eternity.

Eternity belongs to after life. Every one dream about heaven but only some prepare for it.

Love is the prize of a game named Life.

Smile treasured by strong people. Because weak people can't smile eventhough they in not so hard situation.

Passion is a starter to do any positive things.

Mother, is what she is for me. The one I pray eternity in heaven. The one smiles in the happy or strenous time. Wearing passion as her clothes to have a better life for family. Giving love trough the hard days.

Mother is what I dream to be in the near future

Selasa, 11 Februari 2014


There are days when we fear a lot
Mind full of anxiety

But let me tell you

Fear is much better than regret
For not doing something when we are older,
For not giving it a try,

Turn your fear into shots of adrenaline

Surround your self with gazillion brilliant people

When you lose your way they will spark you with new positive energy

They will become a gentle reminder of what your purpose of living a life

Photo source

Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

Jenny Packham


So... introduce me

I am a silly chilly jolly sly lady, and a new fans of JENNY PACKHAM

Fashion in Motion show- Victoria and Albert Museum

Photo Source 1&2
Photo Source 3
Photo Source 4

Rabu, 05 Februari 2014


As the season sheltering another wind
Cloud left to shade its new master
Wheel of life turn rotated
She know sometime things bitter

God never unfair to begin with

She was holding what she promise
Head bloody but unbowed

One thing she believe
God will embrace
And lift
At the right time

Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

5 Best Piano Piece Ever

5. Haydn-Fantasia

It is a welcoming morning piece

Waking up joyous and with a beautiful mood to start a day.

Where humid air and soft sun light peeking from curtain become a nice companion to the player of this Capriccio for fortepiano

The climax where main melody switched from high notes to low notes is superbly exciting.

4. Chopin-Nocturne in C minor op.Posth

A reminiscence of black and white memory.

Resignation in graciousness.

Sincerely releases the burden they try to withhold

The depth array of mixed slow and fast motion in the main rhythm draw a surrender tired mind and body to the symphony.

I’ve been trapped enchanted since it played in ‘The Pianist’ by Polish legend Władysław.

3. Chopin-Nocturne op.48 no.1

The Nocturne in C minor has been categorized as one of Chopin's greatest emotional achievements

Where sadness, resurrection, succumbed, and anger, fight to become the strongest.

Kleczytheński commented that the middle section "is the tale of a still greater grief told in an agitated recitando; celestial harps come to bring one ray of hope, which is powerless in its endeavor to calm the wounded soul, which...sends forth to heaven a cry of deepest anguish."

2. Liszt-La Campanella

Mysterious and gracious, but give a hint of immense beauty.Like something difficult to reach, being chased and it leads to something.

To the wonderful and mighty world never known.

To the shimmering bell room where the light and dust dance to each other.

Then the secret opened page by page, you starting to fathom.

The climax is everything about dazling and magnificent.

1. Chopin-Ballade op.23

It’s like a story.

Told from a child to mother,

Told from someone to her/his lover, to a best friend, or to a foreigner he vaguely trust.

The story about up and down, high and deep,hope and despair of life.

Strong and very weak state

The climax is so ethereal yet robust, intricate, and PERFECT.

Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

Rain (part 2)

I was never really mind you
Until that afternoon, when I lied flat on my back in the bedroom
Gazed away through the window in to the gloomy sky
So was you came

It was dry and I was thirst
You smelled so good, so right
Like earth, like sky, like grass, like Mother Nature
And without I realized, I missed you so much

That time I adore you
Up until now
Always delighted when I see you
Day, or night, or morning
You made me pray and sing a lot

I want to receive you when other can't
I want to drenched in you when other avoid
I want to smile to you when other frown

Because Summer will forever need Rain

Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Work Out

Sports not only for people who have time guys, really, or money. You should squeeze your schedule to slip once or twice sports within a week, and thats enough (for a beginner). As for money, if you dont have any problem to dig your pocket deeper, then please use gym please, beside complete sport equipments they have many exciting classes like body jumping, aerobic, combat, and so many on.

Time really matter for some people, especially worker, or 'hey..catch up your final assignment deadline!' students, or housewife with growing active childs, actually time matter for all people. If you are a worker and saturated enough with 8 hour per day thus need full weekend for full hibernate like squirell in winter, well thats what I was. That was so efortlessly happy. But thats why I got effortlessly flowing cholesterol and extreme declining blood pressure in return. Fair.


At least once a week reserved your time for jogging. Change your habit gradually, for instance if you used to wake up at 9 am on sunday, then wake up at 7 and start jogging, swimming, or gym. Slowly you will be able to wake up at 6 and further more at 5. Start with 1 K non stop jogging, then you can walk as long as you can. By the time goes improve to 2 K withouth stop and try to apply 1.30 minutes run, 2 minutes walk (repeated) until reaching 5 K in total (my friend taught me about this).

If you have low blood pressure, the key is, dont force yourself. Sometime you dont fathom your limit, and suddenly all you can see just grey turning black with nausea stomach. If you feel the signal that your body cant bear more, dont force it, walk, adjust your breath, and find sweet drinks, it can help your blood glucose rise and you wont black out. Just know your limit.

If money become problem for you to practise to the gym, does your city provide car free day every sunday. Does your city have 'money free day' spot like lake or city park nearby your house. You can start find one then. My recommendation if you live in Jakarta is; CFD Sudirman, Kalibata Lake (beside Taman Makam Pahlawan) and Kelapa Gading Park, the last two mentioned have great jogging track/spots.


Many places offers interesting dancing class, such as body jumping, aerobic+belly dance, contemporary dance, hip hop, etc. Some of them available in the gym so its one package with what you pay in the beginning. But once again, if money something matter, than you can try online class from youtube, and do it in your room. Different with jogging, for me personally, dancing made me forgot my exhaustion. Find good song, and just move whatever you want, move like crazy, hair drenched, and floor wetted.

Here is my recommendation for hip hop, I think the beat is fun to dance with.
S and M_Rihanna

And, one dance you should try. I love it much since step up 4. Its Contemporary!

They said its modern version of Ballet. For me, why its fun, is because you can express your self with in the slow music, you dont need skill, just move freely, flowing, slowly and feel the music.

The most favorite song to do this is...this

Ah, I should really join contemporary class this year.