Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

Indonesia Choice

I’m neither the most right political person nor just someone understand about track record –politic history
I barely read any politic magazine my father gave me, and you can count how many news I watch on TV.

Even though I have my preference on national election, I always like to hear my boarding house friend telling me about my candidate's rival plus ,my office mate telling me my preference lack, my father telling me  the one he desire to win, because they all the symbol of independence opinion in Indonesia, and we need to respect.

In the after years of elected president lead, even he who give command in my country is not my preference, I wish I am not within that group who says “I TOLD YOU, see what He done” to the other supporter.

The first fact is, president is a mere human, how would you expect 100% perfect work?

The second fact is, when the official result come out, its not his, or her choice.

Its Indonesia Choice
Its our choice

People who will say "I told you So!” when the president and his alliance party doing mistakes, well, they are commoners

But people who will say ‘Its okay, we will support our president together, everything gonna be alright if we become one, strong and intact” is trend setter.

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