Selasa, 15 Juli 2014


To be happy unconditionally is such a hard thing
Isn't it?

I can be happy if I graduate at top rank
I can be happy if I enter that prestigious college
I can be happy if I can get married with mutual feeling
I can be happy if I born a child,
I can be happy if I have a house,
then, I can be happy if I have larger house,

There will always be one condition in order to be happy, or happier

I’d say
A person who can be happy unconditionally is the luckiest

But unfortunately,
I'm not that lad

I do think...Condition is needed, but not exaggeratedly
Condition is slightly different than dream

It would be better if i can have a new job that suit my passion
It would be so fun if I can explore the hidden gems in the world with the people I love
well, those things those...

In the end, exaggeration can be suppressed by grateful, and acceptance.
With that, we can extract dream from 'condition' to be happy

“Acceptance is the key to be, to be truly free”-Katy Pery

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