Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Rich Indonesia-Truly Asia

Its been a long time since my first offers of tourism site i wrote here. Having a harsh time of run after my final assignment, and some other rush, add new wrinkle in my eyes and make me miss new trip. Now, i'll share some of my incredible trips to you, so you can add it into your holiday list.

1. BaturRaden, Purwokerto -Green and wet park

It is the perfect park i've ever visited. Park with just grassy green is common thing, we need water. Park with sound of water is nice, but we need the real one, the nature stream but well regulated and well designed,so we can play within the water pleasantly. Park with structured waterpond, waterpool, waterfall, warm-sulfuric water, stony shallow lake


I've visit this park twice, and it have many changes inside. I didnt bring any good camera to capture it so i just took some picture from website.
It is a marvelous water park, there is 2 main natural pool inside, first is large-stony-main pool which have a grassy lot beside, we can sit down in the grassy lot, order "Mendoan Purwokerto" and "PECEL" while seeing many kids, and also adults playing in shallow leg-deep water in front of us. The Stony pool is wide enough, the water is cold and fresh, we can see many little fish and shrimp within it.

I accompanied my little brother to catch some, after several hours we could catch a big shrimp,dazzled!

The other beautiful pool, is just finished recently (in the first time i went there the pool still in progress to finish, it is very wonderful, the pool located beneath the average land, you should down the stone stair to reach it. It have more than 4 small waterfall from huge stone wall which circle the pool.(Now i really regret for do not have any picture of it -_-")

Finally.... this is the main destination, reached after climbing a + 600 M stone stairs.It is "Pancuran 3" , a warm sulfuric bathing place (a pool with a natural warm water resources). Here you can take a bath or just soaking your foot. It is an open area so just suit your self with the condition.

Baturraden also have 2 swimming pool, and kids playing area. Another food you can try is "Sate Kelinci" flavored with peanuts flavor.

2. Kupang-Incredible Beach

The most beautiful beach i've ever seen in my life.

1. Kolbano Beach

Places in the southernmost of the island, it directly abut on the Indian Ocean which also directly abut on Australia continent. Unlike others, this beach do not have sand at all, it only have a coral stone as the substitute, so we can playing with water without mess ourself with sand, ow its lovely!
To go to this beach, better to use private car, if you dont know the track, you can rent it along with the driver.

~On the way to Kolbano Beach~

You gonna face a lack of transportation facility to reach there. You can't believe your sight when your car passing the wood bridge with only 2 side of vertical straight wood (the horizontal one use to hold the vertical line), the wide of the wood is precise to the tire size, but yeaa its adventure doesn't it?! You gonna feel things like off road, crossing the remote village. But its completely Awesome

B. KERA Beach-KERA Island
To Reach this Island you should ride a motorboat (usually can hold up to 10 or 15 people)from Kupang City. Dont try this when the weather is in the middle of storm or rainy season. I've try that in August, and almost slammed by the waves on the way back to Kupang.
When you almost reach it, you will see beautiful Lagoon surrounded by the blue light water. What makes it look like that is because there's a line behind the water, a frontier between coral stone and sand, so the coral stone side (the deeper) will have a black color and the brighter side have a sand within it ;seen from upon the boat.
The Sand have a wonderful combination of color. Consist of Brown and red mix together.

Well, sorry i dont have real picture taken by my own camera, forgot to bring any camera, so i upload this pict, hope can representate KERA Island and give a little draw.

C. Lasiana Beach

Here, you can enjoy the sunset. Its not really far from the town (compare to colbano beach and KERA island). Many local seller provide coconut water and roasted banana. X)

3. Kupang Herritage~handicraft

Kupang is well known with its "Tenun Songket",you can derive from souvenir shop, or if you interest to have some directly from the village which made it, you can go to So'e village. There you can directly buy "Tenun Songket" from the ladies within the village. In the So'e village you can also see directly the process to make thread into "Sarong Tenon Songket"

You can Check this shop "Seni Kupang Souvenir Shop", One "Tenun Songket cost about Rp. 200.000-800.000.

To get furthermore information about Hotels, acommodation, and another site in NTT, just visit this link:

Actually many interesting site in Kupang you can visit, do not just visiting the recommended site if you want to try a different experience. Turn your car along the coastal road,on the ways to Gua Monyet (Monkey Cave) you will accompanied by beautiful beach beside you all the way. And when you arrive, take a little time to feed the monkey with peanuts, after that kick the beautiful coral beach exactly in front of Gua Monyet. It is not a commercial beach so you need to walk down the space area with many dry tree.Its really adventure,gosh..!!

Beach in front of Gua Kera`Taken by my sister phone cam.


Jumat, 20 Januari 2012


I've been thinking this for long time ago, considering to write since reading my friends notes in facebook. Its not about dream day passion, or strategic plan, or another new place i wanna go. I dont know what i thought,i guess i had the same feeling with her, when she wrote the same topic. Its still dark-blue shaded and shadowed by fog, don't know the sharp line, its not drawn sharply, cryptic is the word which described it well.

I always think, i love my life. Even its not really smooth as well, full of fall, full of shame, full of scar, but its the most beautiful gift from God. Even i fail another competition plenty times, i do wake up immediately, Spending my time on this path, make my heart stronger and protective, Its like double shield i got here. I proud of this way, feels like i pick the right one. Woman should stronger, they can't be too weak and then become so dependent or spoiled with someone. If they go weaker, many risk will lurk them. Breaking their school because of early pregnancy (The real case happened to my high school friends), drugs, far from their family and friends because of giving to much time to her relationship, get stressed when having problem with her boys, shocked, crying, and another bloody stupid think include begging to their boys to stay. Thats what i'm really concerned of, as the real incident happen beside me. And what i hate is when a girl giving her heart, forced herself to change her own style-her own way, and limited her dream, wasted her time in him while she forget about family, friends, and the most important is, God-The One who should be number one. And sometimes it getting too much if she get stressed, down the bottom rock just because breaking, cage herself with wasted tears, and the world stopped by exactly at that time. What i see is,that kind of girl are empty, no color named passion and grateful.

As i read the articles writted by my junior several times ago, i adore it. I love living my path now, pursue my dream, and living comfortably, giving my extra times to my parents, friends, and they who need a help. Making experience, going alone somewhere, or going somewhere far with my team to learning and bringing my almamater. Its been the way i want to live in, the direction i want to ride. And the most i like is i can share, even just my smile, to them who can't smile properly, newspaper kids, singingbeggar kids, my troubled friends who need an advice, and another share. For now live is about praying, struggling, and sharing all the best i can do.

But, there is a time, when we got tired, its been tough, and tiring, at this kind of times, sometimes there is a thought flashing in, thinking about that, a feeling,a half of wings to reach the sky, shadow when it comes too sunny.It comes like a spring mountain color drawn in the gown. Its beating when seeing Paradise Kiss tonight, and Pianist last year. Its beautiful, and i want to keep it like that;beautiful till the right moment. The sound in the movie,the light, and the times, yes the perfect times. 3 years or 4 years, for one right time someday behind the glowing windows,fluttering curtain, quiet yard.

I think i find the best song to express it, i captured it recently;

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I have been waiting all my life
-Savage Garden-