Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

5 Best Piano Piece Ever

5. Haydn-Fantasia

It is a welcoming morning piece

Waking up joyous and with a beautiful mood to start a day.

Where humid air and soft sun light peeking from curtain become a nice companion to the player of this Capriccio for fortepiano

The climax where main melody switched from high notes to low notes is superbly exciting.

4. Chopin-Nocturne in C minor op.Posth

A reminiscence of black and white memory.

Resignation in graciousness.

Sincerely releases the burden they try to withhold

The depth array of mixed slow and fast motion in the main rhythm draw a surrender tired mind and body to the symphony.

I’ve been trapped enchanted since it played in ‘The Pianist’ by Polish legend Władysław.

3. Chopin-Nocturne op.48 no.1

The Nocturne in C minor has been categorized as one of Chopin's greatest emotional achievements

Where sadness, resurrection, succumbed, and anger, fight to become the strongest.

Kleczytheński commented that the middle section "is the tale of a still greater grief told in an agitated recitando; celestial harps come to bring one ray of hope, which is powerless in its endeavor to calm the wounded soul, which...sends forth to heaven a cry of deepest anguish."

2. Liszt-La Campanella

Mysterious and gracious, but give a hint of immense beauty.Like something difficult to reach, being chased and it leads to something.

To the wonderful and mighty world never known.

To the shimmering bell room where the light and dust dance to each other.

Then the secret opened page by page, you starting to fathom.

The climax is everything about dazling and magnificent.

1. Chopin-Ballade op.23

It’s like a story.

Told from a child to mother,

Told from someone to her/his lover, to a best friend, or to a foreigner he vaguely trust.

The story about up and down, high and deep,hope and despair of life.

Strong and very weak state

The climax is so ethereal yet robust, intricate, and PERFECT.

Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

Rain (part 2)

I was never really mind you
Until that afternoon, when I lied flat on my back in the bedroom
Gazed away through the window in to the gloomy sky
So was you came

It was dry and I was thirst
You smelled so good, so right
Like earth, like sky, like grass, like Mother Nature
And without I realized, I missed you so much

That time I adore you
Up until now
Always delighted when I see you
Day, or night, or morning
You made me pray and sing a lot

I want to receive you when other can't
I want to drenched in you when other avoid
I want to smile to you when other frown

Because Summer will forever need Rain

Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Work Out

Sports not only for people who have time guys, really, or money. You should squeeze your schedule to slip once or twice sports within a week, and thats enough (for a beginner). As for money, if you dont have any problem to dig your pocket deeper, then please use gym please, beside complete sport equipments they have many exciting classes like body jumping, aerobic, combat, and so many on.

Time really matter for some people, especially worker, or 'hey..catch up your final assignment deadline!' students, or housewife with growing active childs, actually time matter for all people. If you are a worker and saturated enough with 8 hour per day thus need full weekend for full hibernate like squirell in winter, well thats what I was. That was so efortlessly happy. But thats why I got effortlessly flowing cholesterol and extreme declining blood pressure in return. Fair.


At least once a week reserved your time for jogging. Change your habit gradually, for instance if you used to wake up at 9 am on sunday, then wake up at 7 and start jogging, swimming, or gym. Slowly you will be able to wake up at 6 and further more at 5. Start with 1 K non stop jogging, then you can walk as long as you can. By the time goes improve to 2 K withouth stop and try to apply 1.30 minutes run, 2 minutes walk (repeated) until reaching 5 K in total (my friend taught me about this).

If you have low blood pressure, the key is, dont force yourself. Sometime you dont fathom your limit, and suddenly all you can see just grey turning black with nausea stomach. If you feel the signal that your body cant bear more, dont force it, walk, adjust your breath, and find sweet drinks, it can help your blood glucose rise and you wont black out. Just know your limit.

If money become problem for you to practise to the gym, does your city provide car free day every sunday. Does your city have 'money free day' spot like lake or city park nearby your house. You can start find one then. My recommendation if you live in Jakarta is; CFD Sudirman, Kalibata Lake (beside Taman Makam Pahlawan) and Kelapa Gading Park, the last two mentioned have great jogging track/spots.


Many places offers interesting dancing class, such as body jumping, aerobic+belly dance, contemporary dance, hip hop, etc. Some of them available in the gym so its one package with what you pay in the beginning. But once again, if money something matter, than you can try online class from youtube, and do it in your room. Different with jogging, for me personally, dancing made me forgot my exhaustion. Find good song, and just move whatever you want, move like crazy, hair drenched, and floor wetted.

Here is my recommendation for hip hop, I think the beat is fun to dance with.
S and M_Rihanna

And, one dance you should try. I love it much since step up 4. Its Contemporary!

They said its modern version of Ballet. For me, why its fun, is because you can express your self with in the slow music, you dont need skill, just move freely, flowing, slowly and feel the music.

The most favorite song to do this is...this

Ah, I should really join contemporary class this year.