Selasa, 25 Desember 2012


And He swallowed it

Because it was simpler that way

Because He was scared

Nobody stayed. Everytime He opened His door for someone, they all left

He was used to it, people leaving, He was used to locking everyone out, building the wall around His heart

He collapsed into the bed, pulling the blanket around Him as he tried to drift in sleep

Because if He thought about it anymore, He would become aware that He was only lying to himself, and that would weight Him down evenmore

He built a wall around his heart, He'd never let it fall apart, but strangely He wished secretly it would fall apart when He was asleep

The tears that He was holding back, the words that became a lump at His throat

He Swallowed it all


Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Man Style~Lets imagine

If you become a man for one day...what&whose style you would choose?how do you want to look like?

T-shirt.Earrings.Wristlet.Necklace.HAT (!!)

1. HAT

I love using hat,jumper cap,wool winter hat (like Kris use above,what its called?)
sometime I would cover my head cover with jumper cap, so its a cover above the cover..haha
and sometime I use hat in my home; hat, wool hat, jumper/t-shirt cap, it makes me comfortable doing any activity (with my mom astonishment,she'd ask:'why you use that in the house?' and I just like 'well..its awesome mom')

2. (Manly) simple T-shirt
Kris and Tao always use that, it looks cool and awesome.
In reality....I can't use that, definitely can't use short sleeve, can I?

3.(manly) Wristlet and Necklace
Wristlet maybe I can (and I was), but couldn't be seen since it would hidden under my head cover, so I guess I want to use it sometimes if I am a man.

4.Earrings (?)
It Feels good being bad...O oh O oh
There's no way I'm turning back O oh O Oh

Haha...I mean some 'few' times, and bad in a certain mean. Mostly its feel Good when I'm doing Good :D

Concl:So those boys are, what should I say, the most stylish person in Exo, Tao love shopping branded stuff (like channel,prada,armani), and Kris need a long time to get ready to go out. Its worth. I did that when need to face many people in college, or maybe tomorrow in office. But in hometown, I hardly ever put anything in my face, and dont care what I wear (the color harmonization,etc), just simply grab things in closet, wear it, get ready less than 5 minutes, thats why I love be in home..Yeah. So were they. Someday I seen Tao look sick, he have certain dark circle eyes, he only use a long coat, with high collar which covering his half face (its winter time) without any makeup,accesories,etc.

*sorry another un-important post again, but i hope you enjoy it :p

-pic taken from Exonesia-