Kamis, 04 November 2010

Ngozi Ikonjo Iweala my new 'CooL' role model

This is what i call "Cool woman" hha....
She was the former of Finance Minister and Foreign Minister in Nigeria.Notable for being the first woman to hold either of those positions. Now she hold a position of Managing Director of the World Bank. World bank have 3 Managing Director,one of them are Sri Mulyani from Indonesia. Okonjo-Iweala was considered as a possible replacement for former World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.

~Her Childhood~
Okonjo-Iweala is an Igbo from Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State where her father Professor Chukuka Okonjo is the Obi, or King, from the Umu Obi Obahai Royal Family of Ogwashi-Ukwu.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was educated at Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude with an A.B. in 1977, and earned her Ph.D. in regional economics and development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is married - her husband is from Umuahia, Abia State - and they have four children. The eldest, Onyinye Iweala received her Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology from Harvard University in 2008 and graduated Harvard Medical School in 2010. Her son, Uzodinma Iweala, is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Beasts of No Nation (2005).

She have such a brilliant track record,on October 2005, she led the Nigerian team that struck a deal with the Paris Club, a group of bilateral creditors, to pay a portion of Nigeria's external debt (US $12 billion) in return for an $18 billion debt write-off. Prior to the partial debt payment and write-off, Nigeria spent roughly U.S. $1 billion every year on debt servicing, without making a dent in the principal owed.

Okonjo-Iweala also introduced the practice of publishing each state's monthly financial allocation from the federal government in the newspapers. She was instrumental in helping Nigeria obtain its first ever sovereign credit rating (of BB minus) from Fitch and Standard & Poor's. Nigeria is considered to have defaulted on its sovereign debt in 1983 (debt rescheduling is considered a type of default by rating agencies).

There was sometime, when i became a speaker in a Training for Management of Leaderships in Geological Engineering Diponegoro University, a boy asked to me, if Indonesia always have that kind of reputation (Corruption, poverty,and high inflation,why we remain struggle pursuing something for our country sake,isn't it would be the same, because we are as an engineer can't decide a policy,and the smart one at last will be go out for seeking a job.
Then, i just remember to Ngozi case, i said that, if every people within a country think like that, then our country will truly shattered, knocked Off,and nothing could be expected anymore from our youth, because its already end. But if just one people thinking like Ngozi did, whom never doubt his country arise, then finally with her hard work, he can save her country from huge chain of loan. Event at first people always underestimate her country, and see it not more than a poverty town, she never shown any despondency.
Then if there's 1000 enthusiastic youth that stay on the forefront of the development line, make sure we are there. And if just 100 youth willing to support our country advancement, then we should be there. And if just one whom sincere to doing all attempt,hard effort to study for the sake of our country bright future, ensure that it would be me

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

3 Great Dorama you should watch

1.Hanazakari no kimitachie

This is 100% amusing, make u can't stop to laugh caused by its stupid and freak scene
. Film yang 100% Menghibur, Lucu abis, Sarat Makna, Penuh Warna warni persahabatan, dan sangat bermutu.
So i recommend this one to you whom have hundred tiring activity, watch this and gain your spirit again...
This is the synopsis of the movie :
Film ini bermula saat seorang Cowok (yang sbenernya cewe) Pindahan ke Osaka High School, yang merupakan asrama cowok.... How can it be..
Nah, cowok itu bernama Ashiya Mizuki, yang kawaaii abis, she dont have any boy looking at all.
The main reason of Ashiya transferring into that boys school is..Izumi Sano...
Atlet lompat Tinggi yang sempat berhenti karena cidera. Ashiya ingin membuatnya dapat lompat tinggi lagi.
Disini juga ada tokoh yang sangat lucu dan gokil abis, My fave one...Suichi Nakatsu...yang seperti Bunga Matahari, selalu ceria, dan mempunyai aura yang bagus (Kata Kayashima sih..). Nakatsu Menyukai Ashiya lebih dulu, bahkan saat ia belum tahu kalau Ashiya cewek, what the freak baka...haha
Karakter karakternya khas penuh semangat dan banyak keanehan yang kocak abis.There are so many ridiculous competition between the dorm. Persahabatan nya terasa banget, jadi terharu pas diakhir akhirnya...Like This Lah, Become a Nakatsu Fan..haha
This movie could really upgrading our spirit , also to do the best thing with our friends in salad days... Lets Play Hard and work hard, haha
2.Kimi Ni Todoke

This movie is a fusion between love and friendship, just like hanakimi. But the different is, this is 1 episode ending, unlike hanakimi which is "to be continued serial" this movie is shorty one.The synopsis is : A girl, whom grown up in warm and full love family, really want to imitate the figure on whatever movie she watch, from "the nice ghost" (dia selalu mungutin botol plastik yang ada di jalan, karena pengen jadi orang yang baik) until "sadako" and kayako from The GRudge, so her hair is falling down covering her face until everybody is scare to her, but its not happen to Kazahaya-kun, Ayane-chin, Chizuru chin, and Sanada kun. They treat her well, moreover kazahaya whom being a popular boy in school. Really great movie
3. Pianist

This is one of the best movie i like. The lighting is quiet nice, i enjoy it. hha. And if you like piano, theres no doubt to love every piano play scene in this movie.The general description about this movie is a boy whom love at the very first sight to older woman. The woman is a piano teacher, and the boy is a tuner. The boy plays piano quiet well until i can't flick my eyes into it. Some of scene is really touching.I love the background song of this movie, ave maria.