Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Man Style~Lets imagine

If you become a man for one day...what&whose style you would choose?how do you want to look like?

T-shirt.Earrings.Wristlet.Necklace.HAT (!!)

1. HAT

I love using hat,jumper cap,wool winter hat (like Kris use above,what its called?)
sometime I would cover my head cover with jumper cap, so its a cover above the cover..haha
and sometime I use hat in my home; hat, wool hat, jumper/t-shirt cap, it makes me comfortable doing any activity (with my mom astonishment,she'd ask:'why you use that in the house?' and I just like 'well..its awesome mom')

2. (Manly) simple T-shirt
Kris and Tao always use that, it looks cool and awesome.
In reality....I can't use that, definitely can't use short sleeve, can I?

3.(manly) Wristlet and Necklace
Wristlet maybe I can (and I was), but couldn't be seen since it would hidden under my head cover, so I guess I want to use it sometimes if I am a man.

4.Earrings (?)
It Feels good being bad...O oh O oh
There's no way I'm turning back O oh O Oh

Haha...I mean some 'few' times, and bad in a certain mean. Mostly its feel Good when I'm doing Good :D

Concl:So those boys are, what should I say, the most stylish person in Exo, Tao love shopping branded stuff (like channel,prada,armani), and Kris need a long time to get ready to go out. Its worth. I did that when need to face many people in college, or maybe tomorrow in office. But in hometown, I hardly ever put anything in my face, and dont care what I wear (the color harmonization,etc), just simply grab things in closet, wear it, get ready less than 5 minutes, thats why I love be in home..Yeah. So were they. Someday I seen Tao look sick, he have certain dark circle eyes, he only use a long coat, with high collar which covering his half face (its winter time) without any makeup,accesories,etc.

*sorry another un-important post again, but i hope you enjoy it :p

-pic taken from Exonesia-

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