Kamis, 29 November 2012

Dream Number

Everyone have dreams, mostly..they will dream more than one thing..
Only few whom really obsessed by just one dream, and I...absolutely not that group.
Having many dreams. Is that a must to make all those dreams come true?
No, the result is in God hands. Whether it comes true or not, at least we put a try..

Until tired...until tried beyond our limits....until feel delight with the fight...

"Ooh...Reckless abandon.... 
Dont stop till its over...
Dont stop to surrender..."

He is Lulu (Lu han) from Exo-M,China , since kid He dream to become a soccer player and play for MU. But, his parents didnt agree with the idea, so he continue studying, until got the chance did an exchange in Korea. He spotted by talent hunter in the middle of shopping in Korea. And sincerely choose to accept the offers becaming singer and dancer. Maybe becoming a star is his number two dream. Luhan now seems so happy, cherish, bright personality but I didnt think he never upset someday.

To stand gaze outside the windows while thinking his old dream, and asking is it the right path he's taking now. Then feeling sure that he taking the right path and everything will be okay. I mean sometimes cheerful people is people with skill to cover his badmood or sad perfectly, isn't it..

Everyone have their own blue day..

*someday in additional lesson (course) place
"So you have choose your major in college?"
"Yes I guess"
"What is it?"
"Chemical Engineering"
"Whoa..hard one. Why?"
"Yesterday when our school visit UGM for study tour, remember? we visit engineering faculty. I saw a boy using a jacket with a word 'CHEMENG' at the back, its what write there. Its just look so cool. Besides, the job prospect is cool. Oil and Gas company. I like to be cool"

*sophomore- Mr.S lecturing time
"So..tell me, each of you. What is your dream job when you graduate later, start from you..." pointing.
"Oke next, you.."pointing
"EPC Company sir"
"What? what is that?" -_-
"AA..i dont know that much, but its like a company which responsible on designing plant, and construct the masterplan"
"And what was your last GPA?"
"Are you sure? you better twofold your hardwork then..." Look with not really sure, underestimate

Something Forgotten
Terkadang apa yang paling kita inginkan terlupakan. Hidup yang aneh, dimana terkadang kita hanya melihat apa yang orang lain raih dan ingin berada pada posisi itu. Padahal tidak ada yang pernah tahu, apa yang tersembunyi di balik apa yang orang lain lihat"  - violetkecil

People always looking to what other people reach, and saying "Woaaa.." "amazing" . Want it over jealousy . But did they know what she/he sacrifice to reach that? how harsh the path? and the most important is, is that what they really want?

My "Formal" dream job is; clean, room, desk, high heels, blazer, meet client, presentation, offices thingy. And if connected to my major, EPC Company is the best choice ever.


If i can, I'd rather being a sociopreneur, scientificly found a way to increase natural resorces function, empowering poor people, follow world business competition or global youth forum, doing this and that on my own schedule, freedom.

If I can, I'd love to Dancing Contemporary Ballet, take a course, and open a gallery (room to practise dance full of mirror) in my home, to also be a business thing, there is no such place in my hometown maybe  little in Jakarta.

If i can, I'd love to play piano on all my spare time, not just doing it in my free weekend, because I dont have piano, then i should use the one in the course place.

For now, what I get is (firmly sure) the good thing, To be accepted in Worldwide known EPC Company, consider it as my number two dream, I'm not regret it...but next time, I'll listen my heart, and fight for What I Really Want..


"And while our blood still young...
So young it runs...
We wont stop till its over...
Wont stop to surrender..."

- Grateful, so that you have power and bless with you , to try to chase another dream, even when you realize it.....little late.

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