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Karimun Jawa Trip- August 2014

I left my heart in Karimun
I left my heart for the wide shallow turquoise natural swimming pool
I left my heart for nemo
I left my heart for broken corals too

Let me tell about my trip, as per usual i will provide my itinerary for days, and recommend what good and not

Day1 :

3.30 am
Arrived in Jepara at 3.30 am with dead eyes and broken bones (because of 24 hr road trip, we just arrived at home from Wonogiri at 8 pm and start to drive again at 12 am). We went to the mosque at central town, waiting for pray time, and rest a bit. At 5 am we went directly to the Kartini harbor, the guide said our ferry will arrived at 6 am and sailed at 7 pm.
So we took our breakfast at the local canteen in hurry, and prepare for the boat. The queue is already off when we ready to enter the ferry, its a peak season so we prepare for the crowded people scattering at the every corner of the ship.
Because its too crowded we got no space at main deck, so we held a mat at the bottom deck and just sat there. For 6 hour duration, i quite enjoyed it. Slept with sunglasses on, rambling on the stairs to see the scenery, ate cakes, and doing all holiday things to do. Laziness

12.00 pm
Our ferry, Siginjay, harbored in Karimun Jawa exactly at 12 pm, the beach was so clear even though its a busy harbour.

My expectation rose up, where else I could find a harbour without shiny oily water. We picked up by our guide and he drove us to a nice homestay named Arafah. We rest and had lunch upon the dining room. Our local treat was a bowl of delicious fish soup with coconut milk or we call it "Gulai Ikan". Its spicy hot and its heaven. Oh, wait, a lot more heaven will be told after this.

15.00 pm
Dad went somewhere related to fishing things with brothers while me and sister have so many list to do in Karimun beside the main sea tour. Based on the instagram screening, we show the picture that we desire to visit to our local guide. He said the pictures was a mangrove forest and Joko tuwo hill. Because mangrove forest located a bit far from our home stay and we need to rent a motorbike cost 40.000/hr, that afternoon we visited Joko tuwo hill first.
It takes not more than 15 minutes hikes up the green hill. The sunset is nice from above the hill. I have a good time there and took many amazing pictures.

I bet it nicer when its not too crowded.

19.00 pm
Dinner and rest.


8.00 am
Sailed by wooden ship to the beautiful targets.

First stop was Cemara besar. Snorkeling time~ finally
Its not my first time snorkeling, but its my first time taking an underwater photography (Dive). Its wonderful. Its not that I can diving, I had helped by the guide , they push me far under the sea surface and took nice underwater photos. It such an amazing experience.

Next stop was Menjangan kecil island. The island is nice, but the snorkling spot was almost the same with Cemara Besar.

After that we went to Cemara Kecil island. While the first two destination is snorkling spot, this time its beachy beach. The tide was high enough, even its summer, cant always predict Poseidon mood.
Our ship mored in Cemara Kecil island, the beach was white, beautiful, and clear. The guide grilled fishes by firewood while we playing on the beach.

Tanjung Gelam Beach




First stop snorkling spot. I dont know what the spot name is, its beautiful, its really near Karimun Jawa island. The coral were more colorful than the snorkling spot on the first day.

Geleang Island

is heaven. Truely amazing shallow beach ever. I dont even care for my skin burned so bad because of hours of playing and swimming in this natural swimming pool. Taking photo in this beach is an addiction, never enough. You gonna want to take more and more photo because of its too perfect. This is the only beach i met foreigners, and they even camp in there.

Same snorkling spot with the first one which i forgot the name, where i could meet Nemo.

Shark captivity (Penangkaran Hiu). Its not worth to visit, i can't stand seeing shark captivated in the small  pool. And even worst ; Balloon fish, starfish, and stingray become a mere properties for visitor photo shoot. They seems in anguish when the visitors take turn to held them in their hand. I can't even stand to look at two small turtles placed in a bowl of sea water , toyed by a kid, i plan to throw them secretly to the sea, but then a visitor caught us and said we can't.

Arrived at homestay

Day 4

Took the express ship to Jepara.

Finish :)

*i'll complete this with pictures when i have time, Gosh. Sowryy :)

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