Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014


The British Council conducted a survey of 102 non-english speaking country
About what was the most beautiful english word in the world
What do you think took first place?

Its Mother,

Followed by Passion, Smile, Love and Eternity.

Eternity belongs to after life. Every one dream about heaven but only some prepare for it.

Love is the prize of a game named Life.

Smile treasured by strong people. Because weak people can't smile eventhough they in not so hard situation.

Passion is a starter to do any positive things.

Mother, is what she is for me. The one I pray eternity in heaven. The one smiles in the happy or strenous time. Wearing passion as her clothes to have a better life for family. Giving love trough the hard days.

Mother is what I dream to be in the near future

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