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7 Wonderful tourism subjects in Indonesia you should visit

1. Jogjakarta - North Java Beach *Baron, Kukup, Krakal, Sundak,etc.

These are the most beach I likes from some of those I’ve ever visited. Except for its distance, nearest with my hometown (Solo City), it have a clean area, white sand (For several), wide shoreline, fresh fish markets, and unique point of view.

- Baron Beach-
Those Beach place about 65 Km from Yogyakarta City going across Wonosari village. Baron Beach is a bay that surrounded by a green hill fulfill with coconut trees, it have unique shape, half of it part are fresh water and the rest is sea water (Salty). Not far from this place there is a fresh fish market which sells varying delicious fish. Usually people reach it with private car because it is little bit remote spot from the town, I’ve ever try to go there with a public transportation. This is several ways you can reach this beautiful beach from different arrival spot.
From Jogja City
With Bus :
From Jogja City ride the trans Jogja bus, to the Giwangan terminal. After that u can ride the public bus that aim to the Baron, Kukup, Krakal Beach. (U can ask the people around or the driver). Stop in the Wonosari Terminal you can hire a car (Many local people rent it fully equipped with the driver) you can afford this about 200.000 to draw round Kukup, Sundak, and Baron, and also take you back to the Jogja City.
From Adisucipto Airport
With Taxi :
Its need about two hours to reach them with prices about Rp.150.000,00 (Just afford to go to Baron, not including round them and go back to Jogja)
With Becak
It is Impossible to arrive in Baron Beach with Becak, because the road is climb up.
Our Suggestion
Private Car is the best choice to go to Baron Island. But if you plan a trip within a group you can use tour agency service for you convenience.
From Tugu Train Station
With Taxi
The time needed is about 2 hours Waktu (70 KM far distance) with cost about Rp 150.000,00.
Choose line 4 for direction to the Giwangan Terminal. From The Terminal choose Jogja-Wonosari line . Arrived in wonosari, take the car which aim to Baron beach .The total cost is about Rp. 30.000, 00
It is impossible to go to the Baron beach with Becak.
Our Suggestion is
with private car; your vacation would become more convenience. Because there are some way which is unreachable by public transportation, like the line which connected Baron beach to the another beach nearby (Kukup, Krakal, Sundak, and many beautiful beach spread nearby each other). To rent a private car, with or without a driver you can search in the internet also, the price is range between Rp. 300.000, 00 – Rp. 600.000, 00 / day.
But if you go in group (many people), you can use the tourism agent in the town, and they will provide you any kind of bus, or big car, with a navigation off course.

2. Lombok Island (heaven white sand beach with National Mount Park)

This is the island which is I wonder to visit so much. If we talk about Lombok island, it’s actually doesn’t lose with Bali island, especially for you whom runaway from crowded, herein you can enjoy the quiet and calm situation, with many choices to visit. First list is, off course, beach, beach and beach.

First is Senggigi beach, this beach already having a complete facility, hotel, sea and land transport, and restaurant. From Selaparang airport you can reach this beach about 15 min with taxi. Vary accommodation provided in this beach; you just need to adjust your budget into it. From Senggigi beach you can continued you holiday towards a popular and beautiful place such as “3 Gili” (3 small island); Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno is waiting you with it sensational view. You can reach it with speed boat from Senggigi or using a land way from Senggigi to the Bangsal, and continued with speed boat. In this “3 Gili” you can dive to enjoy its gorgeous undersea point of view.
For you whom like surfing so badly you can try this site;
1. Senggigi Reef ( Anjungan Pantai Senggigi )
2. Alang-alang
3. Guling Beach ( Pantai Kuta )
4. Belongas Beach
5. Selong Belanak Beach
6. Mawun Beach
7. Gerupuk Beach

8. Seger Beach
(Australian surfer gives a nickname to the Bangko bangko line shore, “Desert Point”)
Besides Surfing you can also enjoy Scuba Diving and Snorkeling complacently.
After finish with the beach, lets check the Komodo island… xp


-Rinjani mount-
Rinjani have a gorgeous national park herein you can also enjoying Segara Anakan lake. For complete information accordance to its track for trekking maps and routes choice, open this link

3. Solo -Heritage- City

The next -most wanted traditional tourism object- is this town Herein you can't found any beach, but thousand of heritage vacation with culture value. This is a small town, but it have many interesting place to visited, the layout of this town really well regulated. (Am i too much?hhe, because this is my belove hometown, yea i should little too much.. xp)
Firstly, let me introduce Keraton Kasunanan and Keraton Mangkunegaran (Kasunanan palace & Mangkunegaran palace). This palace have been built since 1745. The hereditary ruler of the kraton or main court within the city bears the title of Pakubuwono, the present king being Pakubuwono XIII. Like Yogyakarta, Solo also has a junior court, born of another civil war: the Mangkunegaran, a small principality inside Kasunanan, of which Mangkunegara IX is the present monarch. Neither holds any political power and according to Indonesian law, both are only have civilian status.Up until now, the king family still live in this palace. beside Kasunanan you can also visit Mangkunegaran castle, this two site are easy reachable by public transportation because lay in center of the town.

Kasunanan Palace

Pura Mangkunegaran
Nearby Kasunanan Palace, you can see "Alun alun Solo" a quarter field surrounded by traditional market and "batik clothes" shopping centre, if you want to try to make your own handpaint of batik pattern, you can go to the "Laweyan Batik Village" (Kampung Batik Laweyan.
There also several cultural event you can enjoy on its schedule, there was Solo Batik Carnival,

And dont forget to feels the antique train which pass along the Slamet Riyadi Main Road, its cost about Rp. 150.000,00 /person.

This train will take you round the country, and stop at some exciting site, well its more like a tourism package
The other thing you should try in Solo is, Its Crumptious food; Timlo Solo,Gudeg Ceker,Sego Liwet,Serabi Notosuman,Pecel Ndeso, Selat Solo, Rawon Solo, etc. An about the facility that would support your convenience, Solo have many well known hotel, from 3 stars until 5 stars; Novotel, Ibis, Lor In,etc.

4. Batu,Malang ~Its fly times
This is what i really wonder for my next holiday (if my dad permit me T_T) I want try it so badly. "Paragliding (Paralayang) Tendem Fly" Means you can fly from upon hill together with the capable people(Instructor) and seeing the wonderful scenery of Malang city. The package divided into two offer, day flight and moon (night) flight (Ngileeer berat)The cost is range between 300.000-600.000 Rupiah depend on the facility.

Batu Town can be reached with public transport from Malang City (East Java). Beside Paragliding we can also enjoy many tourism site such as; Kusumawijaja Agrotourism, Jatim Park,etc

5. Arung Jeram (Rafting)

If you decide to do something that would challenge our adrenalin, you can try Rafting in Magelang, Sukabumi (Citarik),or garut river.With Price range from 165.000 - 800.000 based on the KM far and package of tourism agent offers.

6. Batam Island-technoisland

I've evr visited this island, its really nearby Singapore. So for you who take a vacation to singapore,come to this island for a second. Batam have a clean air, wide road, nice town, Many five star hotel, it have many small island connected by 7 bridge, Barelang bridge. I Love Batam so much.

7. Pontianak -Borneo island

I lived in this region for 7 years, in West Borneo. There were so many beautiful site,1. Pasir panjang beach (Long shoreline beach),

this beach have a wide shoreline, if you walk from one side by your foot, maybe you can't reach the end of the beach, there is a hotel also in front of the beach. From west Borneo you can access a small and beautiful island nearby shoreline by small ships, you can enjoy fishing between the island. My dad often do that, and he got alot of fish, there was a unique shape, and event he ever got a baby shark.
Try this island , i ever go there, and its quietly beautiful: Randayan Island . It have many big stone in the beach, u can event sleep above it.

In Pontianak, you can also see "Tugu Khatulistiwa"/ "Equator Monument"
The Equator monument is located on the equator in Pontianak, Indonesia. It marks the division between the northern and southern hemispheres.

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