Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Kerja Praktek (Internship)

"In the middle of the forest, there is a huge palace, filled with giant building, and surround by steel and strong people"

Yep, now i'm doin my internship, in the midle of forest. Medco E&P, process the sour gas into the sweet gas. So far, me and my friend feels the great adventure and experience. Spend the night in Sembrani express,run for the plane in a hurry, take of with Garuda Indonesia comfortly, seeing a japanese movie along the journey within the plane, landing safely, waiting in medco transit office in Palembang airport excitedly. Off road bike with all of the worker (especially the management chair person, hhe),Durian Party in the night, Helped by all great people in here.

I always wondering an adventure, i really eager to have some, maybe this is the answer, but not the main answer, i believe god still save the main part for latter. I hope..hhe. So now, i really really wanna enjoy my internship here. And show off perfectly.

Put ur Hands Up, follow the beat. This is just a start
youth ^^

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