Jumat, 12 April 2013

(21-) 22

Twentytwoo... Uh-uh....twentytwooo Uuh-uhh

Finally, in the middle of crowded work-era, find time to blogging again. And finally, can open youtube, feels like thousand years didnt see it, God.

Yeah...22 MV which I eager to see since its issued, finally...
And as its expected. It turns out sooo Cool, fabulous, dashing, stunning

I like the trampolin scene most. It looks so fun, maa~


could it be more fun..

She's kind of my new distraction now, all of her song are (just realized) awesome
I like the marvelous Starlight
I like the 22's craziness
I like the vintage Begin Again
I like the colorful RED 
and so on

and, this one I copy from her
to..."so what"...the serious obstacle

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