Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

Goodbye, Teacher

He was only an old man, the first time I saw him
Walking quietly, slowly, showing his particular prudent character or maybe just weakness of aging
But then he talk, he taught, he tell story
He is so warm

My first piano teacher and warmest friend in Capital
I always wonder his story, what kind of life he has
And I always interest in story behind someone, even more pianist

Last time we met, I finally knew his favorite Musician
Brahms and Liszt
… Liszt
I search many Liszt pieces, because I didn’t know Liszt
I listen many of it

I want us to analyze pieces together in the future
And exchanging story like we used to
But he said… He wants to rest
He has illness; he kind of has sixth sense and told me he feels his time come closer

But he said he’ll still meet me in this week’s class
And when I prepare to meet him
I met another

Rest In peace, my beloved friend
Even its brief lesson, you taught me many things
You trust me to play many etudes in short times
You said I’m good, and you flipped the book, flipped again, and its only took 2 meeting to me using 2 hands, I barely belief it

Rest In peace, and wait..
Someday I’ll play Liszt’s for you

And Chopin’s…

My favorite pianist that I supposed wants you to know last time
But listening your story in that short practicing time, made me forgot to said that

Rest In Peace
God must be love you more than I do J

*accompanied by Chopin Ballade op.23 no.1

2 komentar:

  1. Dear Sir...

    I was imagining about you since this girl told me about you with an expression such a kid who found her precious toys...

    the most excited girl,
    she liked you.
    she adore you.
    n she was really losing you...


    i wish i could play chopin with her.

    for you :)

    just wanna say,

    Rest in peace (my beloved friend's) teacher...