Kamis, 19 Mei 2016

Sweet Disposition

We all know
Sweet things never come to soon
But often we forgot
And impatient take over
Rush the things that shouldn't rushed
Great thing take times, hard work and patient

Why not enjoying things we have now,
Lately, I do so
I start to enjoy the reaction kinetics that I used to hate,
I enjoy the oil and gas processing arrangement that once confused me a lot,
By questioning everything I dont know, bit of curiosity spices, and try to find the answer
I enjoy everyone around me
I enjoyed this city with whatever weather it overs,
I want my happiness to be as cheap as varies discounted dessert in the locals store nearby my apartment

And its a bliss when,
You can help to explain things to your friend that confused about work/study things
Or when you finally get the answer of question you've been questioning from book or friends
Or when you get compliment from your boss/supervisor for your report
Or when you make someone smile because of you

Because life is a ride in roller coaster,
The anxiety,
The doubt
The worries
Uncertainty about future
Bitter sweet of fight
A moment of love
A dream
A laugh
A kiss
A cry
Our right
Our wrong

While our blood still young
So young it runs,
Dont stop till its over
Wont stop to surrender

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