Jumat, 04 November 2016


I was spending this week to finish two books of Dilan and one of Milea.
First time I know Dilan" is from my best friend who live in Bandung, she text me some words and the picture from the book.
Then, curiousity brought me to Gramedia once I touch Indonesia.
But I have not really bought the book, until I finished "BRISTOL" that was written by my friend from Bandung too.
I was not expecting a lot from it
Oh..just another best seller novel
But I do believe, that it is my another 'Great perhaps'
Great Perhaps' that can give me something I need.

1/3 of books

Once I start reading it
I did not like it
A common love story of beautiful woman
And a popular man that far too romantic to be true
Its too perfect
And I dont like it

But then I get it
I do really get
Why Dilan,
Why we should agree that he is special.

After found out that Dilan deserve the title of best seller character
I question Milea, why Milea?
Isnt she just another beautiful girl, with an ability in his atittude to gracefully attract attention
(this latter will be answered in my next post:Milea)

Half of book

When I read his mind in this book
He was that crazy
Made me remember about Olivia
The surprise
The ridiculous words in Dilan's head
How he handle serious things with silly answer
I know why he deserved to be love in this book
And I feels Lea heart
Dilan is far from Him

2/3 of book

Chapter unraveled
Its truely beautiful in a crazy way
When Lea meet Bunda (Dilan's mom)
I remember that day
One of the most beautiful things that I recall
The first time I went to His house
His mom greet and hug him at the door
Then she look at me, and things turn warm
That night
So I know then, how the feeling to be accepted and love
By a family who raise such a special man
Familiar feeling

Last Chapter

Dilan is far from Him
Beacuse they are their own self
But their act, is under the same label in my heart
"Accepted, Loved, Unique"
Just like Milea
Love in the first laugh

Dilan: 1990 is so much a warm hearted story
It bring me peace, to reminisce old things
It made me want to visit Bandung in 1990
I know its even before I was born! haha, but I want it so bad
The morning mist, cold weather, quiet night
Rain in December, Dago
I want to feel it more

Ah I want to meet her when I go there
And ask her how Bandung 1990 feels like

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  1. Ankara'nin en iyi kurye sirketi olan
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