Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Bendungan Hilir Culinary- South Jakarta

It is just right after my team presentation about the breathtaking Jakarta, I went to the Ramadhan's street food market in Bendungan Hilir . This wednesday is really like miraculous coincidence time for all happening, its more than marvelous, to skip a routine a bit.

My team was given a task by Pak Garry Rattray (our super great mentor) to make a presentation about the good and the challenges in Jakarta. So that foreigner, expatriat, tourist, travel writer, will interest to enjoy Jakarta even more and write a good thing about it. With uncountable practise, trial and improved material, we made it today!

And it was hilarious, Pak Garry invite many interesting (High level) manager and expatriat to saw our presentation. The presentation end up with applause and appreciation, I'm so glad.

My part is about Shopping and Culinary. Indeed, it was a heavy but pleasant job to searching all kind of mouth watering picture of dishes from internet while I'm fasting. And finally the one who temptated to try all those dish I was really, really, really wish to have some, and then there my friend, being a reminder of our promise to go to the famous Ramadhan's street market In Bendungan Hilir area.

Felt like someone throwing a deer into a hungry Lion.

That was the atmosphere of "Pasar Kaget Ramadhan" (Sudden-temporary market in Ramadhan).

All the gourmet food from throughout the archipelago probably exist here. I became a hungry eyes one, buying almost everything looks good; Kue Lupis, Risoles Mayo, Pempek, Pecel with Bakwan and Bihun kecap. Nah, now I can barely move because of too full.

I miss that food so badly,those are the real Indonesian cuisine, and rich with local herbs.

"Food is a mirror of city tradition. Its highly affected by natural resources, climate and tradition, thats why travelling and culinary become best friends and completing each other"~ One of my words at today presentation, lol.

Anyway for you who stay in Jakarta, its recommended to visit this place, but its not a really hygiene place as it is a street food stall. But so far I'm still good, means the food is clean enough actually, I even read news that Pak Jokowi visit and bought many food from here last week.


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