Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

Itazura Na Kiss, Love in Tokyo

I am fevering this dorama right now!

Who believe I was mocking and doing poker face to all my sister babble when she promote me this movie.
Okay well..that time, I finally did a short glance to finish her fussy mouth, I saw Kotoko and Irie scene, and I tought..its a lame act. I just too oriented that Kotoko should be more powerful and energic like in Itakiss 1996, and Irie should be more cold, not baby face like that. Somehow my first impression was not that good.
But then, I keep watching because my sister just keep laughing at every scene and it made me curious.
When I'm back in my boarding house, someday I really get bored, and remember this movie, so I checked the streaming line on (advertising am i? hha).
And I found it interesting

Now I fevering, favoring, and still on going seeing this dorama. :3

The Main pair is;

1. Honoka Miki

She is cute and talented in her young age. My sister said she is not exaggerating her act and Kotoko in the manga should be like that. For me she is unique in her own way. I overdose with her cuteness in some scene, its really cute. But she should improve her act tomorrow if her dreams is to become BIG actress like Audrey Hepburn, believe she can.

I found the most dork scene, and damn, thats exactly what I felt in the XXX software training session yesterday (All session was in bloody english with native speaker). I praised a person behind me, she is from X oil company who often ask in every explanation break. I compliment how smart she is to keep asking question to the trainer, then she laugh and seems confuse, she said to me, "I ask because I dont understand". That time, in my mind I completely feels like this...

LOL, this pict depict me well.

2. Furukawa Yuki

"He is not one of the more obviously good-looking Japanese men like Satoh Takeru, but he is definitely attractive. It’s simpler, it’s nerdier but it works."~ sleepless

Couldn't agree more.

The first time I saw him, I was like...oh, Takashi Kashiwabara is definitely far better than him to play Irie Naoki, but then I found his unique way of deliver Irie character.
He was really suit Miki in Itakiss LIT, yes, both are awesome together, I can feel the chemistry.

And what makes me more admire him is, this interview on Dramafever. Yes I do agree with all the comment beside, that state his intelligence in answering the interview, he got the point in answering every question, he made it sharp, refreshing, and also thoughtful, no wonder he is science-engineering student before (ad again, haha).

Then...what makes me mooore amazed is, he is multitalented!
He loves street dance, and I like that. I like how he like and doing many big things, big dreams in his life.

It turns out that he has 10 years age gap with Hono Miki, more interesting then.
Not that I like far age gap, its just....ah, never mind,hhe.

I like how he said that Miki is the most often person who chat with him during the movie, and he enjoyed it. Some sources even said that Furu seems like interest in her. Well...I worship them definitely, they just so cute together.

Overall, my sister said, this is Itakiss version that so much alike with the manga (I haven't read it yet)

Enjoy the movie =D

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  1. ana striming??? donlod bisa nggak??

  2. Iya streaming, download nya aku gtau tu, coba search google deh :)