Minggu, 22 Februari 2015

Looking For Alaska

The query lingering in my mind
What will people remember when we die

I often questioning, is it important to be remembered?
Do i want to be remembered
Doesnt make people remember us only bring them sadness

And i think, the dead, they'll never felt anything
Remembered or not
Who know they couldn't see the living, they couldn't interact with us totally
For all the bullshit is only happened in horror movie

Dont you think, what most important is idea
To inspire other people when we live
So that perhaps even we just talk simple things, or create small things,
It'll spark greater idea in the future

LIke Turing inspire computer machine
Like Bell inspire cell phone
Like Alaska inspire best prank ever in Culver Creek

People might die but idea lives forever

What great imagination you want to bring to reality?
What is your greatest perhaps?

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