Senin, 22 Februari 2016


6 months ago stepped my feet in Manchester, and just have time to properly say Hello in Blog.
Time, mood, and so on, a bunch of reason that diminished few hours ago because of finally I have strong urge again to write.

Yeah so..Hello my rainy gloomy city
My home for the last 6 months and the next 6 months
My sanctuary for blue, red, and grey mood

I just watched a documentary movie about a British family that has mission to live like a Germany in German. When dinning together with their Germany neighbor, they asked them about their opinion about Britain. Their neighbor said its rainy, windy and gloomy.
Yeah they are correct.
I could not agree more.
But those what I seek.
Exactly what weather I seek.
If you have lived in such a hot, sunny country
You will plead God for a shade day, a cloudy day
Where the wind is flowing and skin is not hurt from burned by sun
Yes that's what I wish
But then
You got to appreciate things only when they gone
I called it now a "Sunlight sick"
The familia of 'Home Sick' and the other sick syndrome
Start to miss sunlight, and appreciate it more when you lose it

Rainy, cold, windy, cloudy

I have been living my dream to live in high building
Seeing rain from my apartment window
Observe what all the tiny people busy down there
Where they want to go
What things they rushed for
While enjoying a cup of hot Camomile
Its so serene

But often times, when I enjoy the city
Such like..
The green grass hall behind Alan Gilbert Learning Common
The Imperial War museum
Egg Benedict at Moose
Old hearty scone at afternoon teacup
Or even just when on one rainy day gazing the city from my apartment window
I wished
I dearly wished
I could enjoy that with all my beloved one
All that I know longed to come here, and finally make their dream come true
And finally..
I closed my eyes, and gather the optimism in my mind
Someday it will come true
Universe will conspire to help them who dream

So, Hello Manchester
I hope someday they can come and enjoy you as well

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