Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

The Moon Embracing The Sun

K-Drama which i watch recently, still not finish yet, because in Korea it's also still not finish played in the local TV Station yet.
The kid version is so deep, JOA HE .. >_<

Part which i like it so much; when the Seja "Crown Prince" (Lee Hwon Prince), His step brother (Yang Myung Prince) ,his young teacher(Munhak Heo),And his private protector (Won) playing football,while the girls watching secretly behind the field.


The main pair is so stupid in love, i LOVE THEM, whehehehe..

They have a strong chemistry, truely soulmate

The second pair, spoiled princess with brilliant man (the best literature graduate student) erase that clever man only look after an independent woman, and not interested in spoiled woman

She is spoiled but smile brightly, and so funny. That kind of woman, kind of childishly fun

The Third Pair, love in silent, they didnt have many scene together, but dont know why they have a strong chemistry too
Kim Chae Won -The best Military graduate students-

and Soul, servant of Crown princess

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