Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

The League of extraordinary gentlemen

Just saw this movie in local TV.I love the plots, the effects, the costume, interior design, smells exactly VICTORIAN.

Its a blend of "The Flare up Europe with an investigation and hunt spice like Sherlock Holmes, Victorian style like Van Helsing, and special ability like X-Men personage.

I Love this Dorian Gray's Library, kind of mysterious but adorable

Many source said that, this movie failed to reach the franchise target they mean to. Maybe because of its plotted far from the original comics (w/same tittle). But i think this movie is pretty good, moreover it was hit the box office at that time.
I love all character, but still have my favorite ones.

~Mina Harker
I love her voice, deep drawn.

~Dorian Gray

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