Selasa, 03 April 2012


~Rain in now
"Very kind family"

Today was rained again. I was exactly taught a girl for her final exam when the torrential rain fell down the lot. I thought it would just a while, so i prepared my self to back to my boarding house. But, its becoming more heavy and heavier. My student's mum, told to wait a little longer. The family of my students were very nice, especially her mother, everytime i back home, she brought me a cake or snack (In a big portion), today she serve me a hot noodle, which is very delicious to eat in the cold rain. After have a chat with her sister a while, the rain didnt stopped until almost seven o'clock, so i intended to fought the rain.
On the rainy way, i was very enjoyed, didnt tried to rush quickly, and suddenly i got my old memory came.

~Rain in the past

In the elementary school, i participated in a competition, named LMP (Lomba Mata Pelajaran), in Sains track. I and 3 other my friends always practiced in another school about twice a week. We did that with all participated students from other schools, received a supplement lesson before final days. The practice place can be reached by rode angkot (public transportation) twice, mean i should changed another "angkot in the terminal to reach the place.
One day, when i finished my practice, there was heavy rain outside,i forced myself to back home quickly, cause i thought it would be a long rain. I was worried, thought that i should run to my home in the middle of the heavy rain from in front of the alley, as my home far enough from the forefront of the alley where the angkot dropped me.
Finally the angkot stopped, and what a surprise, my mother waited me in front of the alley wore an umbrella. I just...didnt expect that, how long did she waited for me there..

~Rain in the future
"Dance in the rain"

"And How you convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane"
-I love the way you love me-

It will be so childishly fun

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