Senin, 09 April 2012

Untitled (part 2)

When i was children, i want to marry Japanese People, because i spent my time to see Inuyasha every Sunday.
When Twilight Saga came out,i thought that having husband a vampire would be an advantage, i wonder to go on to that kind of island too, but imagine the night in the quiet island is so scary then it would be really fine if my husband a vampire, i wouldn't need to fear of any Ghost again, because mine is a Ghost.
Recently, because The Man who own my boarding house is a Civil Engineer ,and He made such a nice, comfort house, and because of also seen "A moment to remember", i want to have a Civil Engineer. I can ask him to fix the roof, to draw our dream in our HomeSweetHome, to make a fish stony pool,and those kind like that.

But now I realize, the most important thing, except a pile of requisite is, God please let me marry someone I Love, and Love me back.
Now, just keep him beside You, I wish He's pursuing his dream, make His Parents happy, having fun with friends, or busy to traveling somewhere. And i will keep away myself from loving anybody, set a clear distance.
2 years,3 years, or 4 years again, make us meet, and fallin love each other.

#Curiousgame1:Case Closed

-Accompanied by Christina Perry (A thousand Years

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