Selasa, 17 April 2012


Just did something ridiculous again, searching my complete name in Google search. Inspired by amusing Indonesian comedian whom just got back from his holiday in Europe, so he said to many peop there, "Hey..i am a famous artist, you know, you should type my name 'OLGA Syahputra in Google. I am very famous you know.." and those peop just staring in both awe and confused -___-!

And yeah, i try it..hha
and found out many things,including my old writing contest about Indonesia-Maroko realtionship with title "Diplomasi Persahabatan Maroko-Indonesia, Percaya dan Saling Menghormati (319/M)"

Now I'm about to follow another writing/blogging contest again, just didnt aware that i did the same contest in the past.

One of my favorite quote in my bestie blog:
You (Man) such a talker and I am a writer

Could it be.. I'm the real woman..(Of Course You are!!...*Plaaks) I mean I love speak too, But don't know why, recently i used to write in all my spare (some not) time.
My famous senior also said;
"It is not really useful when i just went debating somewhere, since i'm not making any useful post/journal/article/book/something which can make my stripe leave"

Anyway,why dont try it..writing is enjoyable :D

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